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What do you look for in an Extrusion?

+/- 0.001" Tolerances
Minalex regularly produces extrusions with tolerances as tight as +/- .001" on one or more dimensions of an extrusion, depending on the shape. This unique ability allows design engineers to specify extrusions in situations where close tolerances are required. The benefits of close tolerance extrusions are that they perform better, fit together more securely and usually eliminate the need for expensive machining.
0.018" Walls
Walls as thin as 0.018" are also possible on one or more of the dimensions of an extrusion, depending on the shape. As the trend toward miniaturization and design simplicity continues, your need for a dependable supplier of precision extrusions will surely increase.
0.060" Holes
Few extruders would accept a challenge of .060" holes with +/- .002" tolerances, and some of them would give the project to Minalex. They know, as the industry knows, that Minalex is the right source for the cost-effective production of close tolerance extrusions up to a 3 1/2" circle size.

Electronic Communication
Exceptionally difficult aluminum extrusions such as wave guides, card guides and housings are another area where Minalex continues to meet the tight tolerance requirements of demanding industries.
Heat Exchange Devices
Heat pipes, heat sinks and header bars are often intricate designs requiring close tolerances for maximum performance. Minalex has produced hundreds of these extrusions in every imaginable shape and design up to
3 & 1/2". Minalex is the number one source for these close tolerance extrusions.
Component Carriers
Carriers used by electronics and other industries for processing various components are another area requiring extremely close tolerances. Small and often minute parts are transported in openings that must be accurate to 0.001". Minalex pioneered the production of these extrusions and continues to be the leading supplier today.

The Large of Small
Large Extrusions
The precision achieved in these extrusions is also possible up to 3.500" in circle size. Minalex regularly produces these close tolerance extrusions up to 1.500 pounds per foot. Minalex's precision capabilities are just as effective at 3.500" as they are down at 0.030" !

Machining, Anodizing & Fabrication
From Conception to Final Product
Minalex's flexibility coupled with our dependability and experience provide for the unrivaled quality of your finished product, regardless of typical or atypical needs. We are a veritable swiss-army knife of aluminum extrusion fabrication, capable of tackling your most demanding specifications. We spare you the time, the trouble, and the cost of finding and contracting multiple resources which ultimately leave you relying on faith that such untested avenues might consistently provide the quality Minalex has established and refined for over <%=Year(Now()) - 1965%> trail-blazing years.

No matter your need, Minalex will provide it: design, production, fabrication and finish. You can rely on us to offer suggestions when you're not sure what you need; or maybe you know what you want but not how to get there. Don't fret - just relax; we can take you there.

Standard Extrusions
Common & Available Designs
Minalex has a large collection of standard shapes and sizes commonly used throughout the industry. If you do not require a custom extrusion, then you may want to explore the standard extrusions we have on offer.


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