Hospitals Rely on High-Quality Aluminum Extrusions to Monitor Patient Health

If you’ve ever visited a doctor’s office or hospital, it’s just about guaranteed you have noticed an electronic monitor of some sort that is supported by a flexible, adjustable metal arm that may be mounted on a wall or on a stand.

Minalex is a custom aluminum extruder that manufactures these precise parts specifically for hospital electronics and other devices by taking a stock block of aluminum and extruding it into a rectangular shape that is finished and coated to form the armature of the monitor arms.

Why Use Mounting Arms With Hospital Electronics?

One of the most practical reasons is for conserving space. Walk into any room in a hospital and there are likely to be many different monitors in use. Having at least some of them mounted on a wall eliminates the need for stands or carts that can get in the way. The arms have other uses as well. While the arms provide support and stability for the monitors, they also house and protect the complex array of cables that are the backbone of the precision electronic instruments medical professionals rely on every day.

Why Use Extruded Aluminum in the Hospital Room?

There are several compelling reasons for using aluminum for the monitor arms, especially in a hospital setting. Aluminum is a strong, reliable, high-quality material well-suited to support electronics, yet also offers lightweight flexibility, promoting a healthy ergonomic work environment and making it easier than ever for doctors, nurses and even patients to adjust monitors as needed. Aluminum is also a desirable material for hospitals because it does not harbor or promote the growth of bacteria, a key advantage to protecting the patient population. And from a maintenance standpoint, aluminum performs exceptionally well because it is highly corrosion resistant and is easy to clean and disinfect.

Minalex, the premier aluminum extrusion company, excels at creating high-quality, precise and reliable parts for the healthcare industry, specializing in completely customized solutions.

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We extrude and supply aluminum profiles up to 3.500 inches (8.89 cm) in diameter. Our aluminum extrusions can have tolerances as tight as +/- 0.001" on one or more dimensions of an extrusion, depending on the shape.

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Minalex alloys are sourced in North America and feature a number of series, including alloy 1100, 3003, 6063, 6463 and 6061.

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Our capabilities include Lbs/Ft <= 1.500, kg/m <= 2.2322; Sections >= 0.003 in, >= 0.076 mm; and circle size, <= 3.500 in. <= 8.890 cm.

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