Minalex Prototyping Lights Up the Night for DeepLight

Have you ever been to a concert or other large-scale event and had to identify a place to meet up with friends? If you have, then you will understand the story behind the DeepLight. Co-Founders David Hughes and Neil Merchant, who are software developers and also friends, initially created DeepLight to help them find their friends at the music festivals they enjoy.

Essentially an infinity mirror art installation comprised of two-way mirrors and hundreds of LED lights housed in a geometric frame, the DeepLight is programmed with dozens of custom lighting modes and animations that can be manually controlled and synced with music.

The DeepLight started out as a prototype, which was fabricated with a custom 3-D printed frame. Hughes and Merchant knew they would not be able to use 3-D printing technology for the units they would sell to the public, nor could they continue to experiment with 3-D printing in the prototype phase, as it is quite costly and time-consuming. Minalex, widely known for their expertise in custom prototyping, was called in to devise a led lighting aluminum extrusion solution.

Prototyping for Manufacturing

Minalex feels strongly that prototyping is a critical step in the manufacturing process. Just because something looks good on paper does not mean it will necessarily translate well to the 3-D stage. Prototyping—literally creating an exact model of the part you need—is the best way to discover if the component you have in mind needs to be adjusted, refined, or in some cases, completely redesigned. Minalex engineering and design teams work collaboratively at the prototype stage, using precise, accurate specifications that enable everyone in the manufacturing process to identify issues that may need correction. This effective, efficient process can help save substantial amounts of money and time down the road.

Ready For Production

With the prototyping phase successfully completed, DeepLight was now prepared to go into mass production. For the physical framework of the DeepLight, Minalex created custom aluminum extrusions, chosen for their high quality, strength and lightweight properties. The extruded parts both shape the structure of the DeepLight and also house the complex array of wiring and electronics that drive the DeepLight’s highly sophisticated and dazzling visual effects. The Minalex process for prototyping truly takes customization to the next level. They can easily produce low-volume runs for limited products. They also offer “no minimum” quantity orders, meaning they are able to create just one single custom part if that is all you require. To learn more, take a look at how Minalex created a successful prototype solution for Pella.

See the DeepLight Labs Video Here: