For Minalex and our customers, reliable and certifiable procedures and products have always been the highest priority. Today, requirements and compliance have become even more stringent and critical. For these reasons and many others, we have been proactive in our approach to establishing and maintaining the highest operational and manufacturing standards within our industry. We are proud to be a fully AS9100D and ISO9001 certified company with AMS Specs, MIL Spec and QQ Specs. In addition, ITAR certification has become increasingly essential for many companies, and those customers rest easy knowing that Minalex is a registered manufacturer. It’s easy to understand why Minalex is a trusted, dependable resource for manufacturing precision partnerships as well as the highest quality aluminum extrusions.

AS9100D Certification

Minalex recently underwent a four-day audit assessing compliance of the company for the upgraded AS9100 certification (AS9100D). This certification further enhances the quality that Minalex brings to aviation, space, defense and all other organizations. Please Click Here to download the certification PDF.

Proud Stewards of The Environment

Environmental responsibility and sustainable solutions are of the highest priority at Minalex. A good indication of this commitment and success can be found with our recent award for environmental stewardship from the State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. Click image to enlarge.

Between extraction of the raw materials that comprise your product and completion of the final extrusion, there are many intermediate steps, which make tracking the origin of minerals very difficult. To eliminate this potential issue for our clients, we license and employ the iPoint Conflict Minerals Platform (iPCMP), an integrated, single solution for the whole supply chain. This on-demand software solution enables us to provide oversight and enables Minalex to accomplish the task of collecting, managing, aggregating and reporting conflict minerals information, and meet the requirements of our customers and regulatory authorities.