One of the least expected places you’d expect to find miniature aluminum extrusions manufactured by Minalex is aboard U.S. Navy nuclear submarines.

But in fact, that’s exactly where they are – on board many different types of submersible navy vessels, including the aforementioned nuclear submarines. And they serve a generally obscure, but highly important purpose.

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Saving Time & Money By Extruding Aluminum First, Finishing with CNC Machining

(Whitehouse Station, NJ – June 2019) For those looking to make the best parts and products from aluminum, a change to the way they approach the manufacturing process can lead to greater efficiency and profitability. The alternative method of extruding first followed by a CNC machined finish enables you to process higher volumes in considerably less time. One such provider who specializes in precision miniature extrusions is Minalex, with operations in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey.

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Miniature Aluminum Extrusions and an Army Sniper: Similar Paths to Success

(Whitehouse, NJ. March 2019) The experience, credentials, and precision capabilities necessary to create a military-grade miniature aluminum extrusion is much like the demanding standards a U.S. Army sniper is held to: Total commitment and focus, performance at the highest levels, proven results, and nothing less than complete and successful results.

Minalex, an ITAR certified custom aluminum extrusion company in New Jersey, produces MIL-Spec parts for a variety of armed forces applications every day. From picatinny rails & scope rings to radiator core tubes for battle tanks, their ability to create extrusions with +/- 0.001” tolerances is essential to the army sniper’s ability to be accurate.

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In carrying out its mission of keeping American borders secure and its people safe, the U.S. Military relies on its aircraft and land vehicles to operate safely, reliably and with maximum efficacy.

Considering the size and power of its fighter planes, cargo transports, helicopters, tanks, troop carriers and more, a miniature aluminum extrusion isn’t something that comes to mind when describing the ability to keep performing under the most challenging circumstances. But the fact is that Minalex aluminum extrusions are at work every day doing their very small part (no pun intended) to keep America safe.

A fully-certified Department of Defense (DoD) provider, Minalex is the manufacturer of miniature aluminum extrusions with headquarters and production facilities located in Whitehouse, New Jersey. The fifty-year-old family-owned company supplies parts to a long list of clients in industries that includes aerospace, healthcare, medical, lighting, construction and of course, the military.

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From The Depths Of The Oceans To Deep Space, MINALEX Extrusions Are A “Blast”

Custom Aluminum Extrusions Made With Extreme Precision In Mind


When the success of a part is determined by how well it helps destroy itself, these circumstances might give its manufacturer a moment of pause.

Such is not the case with Minalex, the manufacturer of miniature custom aluminum extrusions. With headquarters and facilities located in Whitehouse, NJ the fifty-year-old family-owned company supplies parts to a long list of clients in industries that includes military, healthcare, medical, lighting, construction and of course, aerospace. Read more…

Minalex Prototype Extrusions Help Pella Create Inspired Window Designs with Exceptional Detail

When you’re a leading manufacturer with a proud heritage of building innovative window and door products for more than 90 years, choosing a supply partner who shares your vision and values is a critical factor in maintaining your reputation for quality and superiority. Such were the circumstances that launched the long-standing relationship between Pella and Minalex, the leading manufacturer of miniature aluminum extrusions. Read more…


When you’re recognized as a leader in audience seating with a history that spans more than a century you have a well-earned reputation to maintain.

You’re also entrusted to enhance the experience of millions of people who spend countless hours seated at sporting and theatrical events in venues across the United States. Such is the case with Irwin Seating Company®, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of audience seating for movie theatres, auditoriums, arenas, performing arts centers, stadiums and places of worship. Read more…


The small-scale sailboats of Miniature Harken have been providing “yachtsmen” with the experience of navigating the high seas, albeit on a somewhat smaller scale, with the support and miniature aluminum extrusions of Minalex. Founder and third generation “ship builder” Dean Derusha, has operated this “miniature shipyard” for almost forty years and since 1996, has trusted Minalex to provide parts of the highest quality and most precise tolerances.

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