Minalex Corporation Terms and Conditions goal is to communicate to external providers our requirements for:

A. Final Approval:

  • Minalex Corporation reserves the right of approval for products, procedures, processes, and equipment including the release of products and services.

B. Qualified Personnel:

  • The seller shall ensure that all personnel are properly qualified to achieve the work required to support the order. This includes proper, up to date certification to complete special processes, tasks, and maintenance required.

C. Control and monitoring of the external providers performance:

  • Suppliers below the minimum criteria of 95% will be sent letters requesting corrective action improvements. Note: Suppliers below 95% with reasonable causes, may not need a CA Letter. Supplier Surveys will be reviewed during the quarterly evaluation to verify that all information, including scope and approval, have been completed.

D. Verification of Purchased Product:

  • The seller is responsible for conformity of all products purchased from suppliers/processors, including from sources defined by the Buyer or the Buyers customer. Unless specifically authorized by the buyer, Seller is not authorized to release purchased product for use until completion of all required verification activities. If approved by Buyer, Sellers documented procedures must include provisions for identification and records to allow recall and replacement if it is found to be non-conforming.

E. Buyer Approvals:

  • Buyer reserves the right to approve or specify any designs, tests, inspection plans, verifications, use of statistical techniques for product acceptance, and any applicable critical items, including key characteristics.

F. Test Requirements:

  • Buyer reserves the right to designate requirements for test specimens for design approval, inspection and verification, investigation, or auditing.

G. The use of statistical techniques for product acceptance:

  • Suppliers can use their own industry standard statistical techniques or may choose to use Minalex’s AQL or SPC (that are also based on industry standards) if requested.

H. The need to:

  1. QMS:
    Suppliers should have controls in place to assure all processes and services furnished conform to contractual requirements.  Minalex requires that special process suppliers must be certified to an industry standard and/or NADCAP approved.
  2. Approved Processors:
    Where required on the purchase order, supplier shall utilize only buyer/customer approved special process sources.
  3. Non-Conforming Product:
    Supplier shall notify Minalex of non-conforming product for disposition.
  4. Counterfeit Material:
    shall be handled in accordance with AS 6174.
  5. Change of Processes:
    Supplier shall notify Minalex Corporation of changes to processes, products, or services including changes of their external providers or location of manufacturer. The seller shall maintain the proper identification and revision status of the specifications, drawings, process requirements, inspection/verification instructions and other relevant data used in the performance of requirements of this order. The seller shall use technical data at the specified revision or at the latest revision in effect at the time of purchase order, if not specified.
  6. Flow Down Requirements:
    Supplier must flow down requirements of each purchase order to the supply chain, as required.
  7. Design Approval:
    Minalex reserves the right to designate requirements for test specimens for design approval, inspection and verification, investigation, or auditing.
  8. Document Retention:
    Quality records related to any order shall be maintained for a minimum of 10 years in accordance with Minalex SP 4.2.


I. Right of Access:

  • Minalex Corporation, our customers and regulatory authorities have the right of access to all facilities and records pertaining to each other.

J. Supplier shall ensure that persons are aware of:

  1. Their contribution to the product or service conformity,
  2. Their contribution to product safety,
  3. The importance of ethical behavior.

K. Foreign Object Debris:

  • Supplier must have an industry standard method of controlling the prevention, detection, and removal of foreign objects (FOD).


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