We manufacture custom aluminum extrusions at high & low volumes for our customers.

Three words that, together and individually, represent not only what we do, but also who we are. Well into our second half-century of business, the things that make us most proud are the precision partnerships we have “manufactured” with our many, valued clients.

The Minalex commitment to listening, understanding and then responding to each client’s unique and precise needs has never been stronger than it is today. This dedication to quality and professionalism has propelled the people of Minalex through our first fifty years of success and will continue to do so as we continue to forge many more lasting client relationships throughout the next fifty years.

Learn more about the history of the Minalex Corporation below. Or learn about our precision Custom Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturing Capabilities Here.

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A History of Service and Performance

The Minalex Corporation is a family owned corporation with a valued and experienced staff that adheres closely to the most stringent quality standards. From global corporations to local businesses, Minalex has been a leading supplier of high quality, aluminum-extruded products for well over 50 years.

As our company has grown, we’ve expanded our services and capabilities to deliver complete, responsive, turnkey solutions. We seamlessly manage every phase of the design, extrusion, fabrication and finish of your aluminum product.

Custom or standard, we provide a quick and thorough estimating and operate a tight turn-around on production. Manufacturing the strongest customer relationships continues to ensure our role as a trusted leader in the aluminum extrusion industry today and for many years to come.

An Ideal Balance of Experience and Expertise

Minalex, a leading Custom Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturer, is proud to be a customer-focused, “can do” company, taking your requirements to a finished product quickly and efficiently. Among the most common requirements that Minalex fulfills are:



  • Precision Lengths
  • Tumbling
  • Anodizing
  • Machining
  • Fabrication
  • Critical Tolerances at +/- 0.001 inch (0.025 mm) Precision



  • 1100
  • 3003
  • 6063
  • 6463
  • 6061

Get The Guide To Rapid Prototyping With Aluminum Extrusions

Prototyping - The Aluminum Advantage

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  • Evaluation & Testing
  • Identifying Problems
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Electronic Communication

Minalex excels in the manufacture of challenging and difficult custom aluminum extrusions for electronic communication such as wave guides, card guides and housings.

Heat Exchange Devices

Minalex is the number one source for close tolerance aluminum extrusions for heat pipes, heat sinks and header bars whose intricate designs and close tolerances are required for maximum performance.

Component Carriers

Minalex is a pioneer in the production of miniature custom aluminum extrusions used by the electronics and other industries for producing various components that demand extremely tight tolerances. Small and often minute parts are transported in openings that must be accurate to 0.001 inches (0.025 cm).

Large Profile Extrusions

Precision achieved in larger profile custom aluminum extrusions is possible up to 3.500 inches (8.89 cm) in circle size. We regularly produce close tolerance extrusions up to 1.500 pounds per foot (2.2322 kg per meter). Our precision capabilities are just as effective at 3.500 inches (8.89 cm) as they are at 0.020 inches (0.4572 mm)